Bert tries his luck at the casino but is like a fish out of water.

Radio Times: Lilian gives some lessons in risk taking.

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  • It’s the day of Bert’s visit to the casino with Lilian, and he’s trying hard to find an excuse to call it off. Neil suggests a drink at the Bull to give Bert a bit of courage, but when David offers to buy the round, Bert acts very coldly. He’s convinced that the contract milker is going to take not only his job but his home. Neil and Joe try to tell him it’s nonsense, but Bert isn’t having any.
  • David isn’t entirely happy, either. A post-mortem on two of the cattle slaughtered in the TB scare showed no lesions – they were slaughtered unnecessarily.
  • At the casino, Bert starts to enter into the spirit of things, but doesn’t quite get the hang of it. He’s not exactly a reckless punter, and even with the hapless Matt showing him the ropes, Bert makes big mistakes – big enough for the management to ask him to leave. A relieved Lilian puts Bert in a taxi (leaving him to foot the bill) and heads off for a night on the town with Matt.

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