Eddie gets an earful when Clarrie discovers that he has been selling condemned meat.

Radio Times: Bert fears for the future.

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  • Eddie has made Ed help with the work he’s doing at the Lower Loxley vineyard. He gives Ed a lecture about the Cannabis plants, but still offers to move Ed’s car up to the Grundy field. Ed sounds genuinely sorry for what he’s done. If Pat and Tony are furious with him, Tom certainly isn’t; he rings to offer Ed some work packing sausages.
  • Ed isn’t the only one in trouble with Clarrie. Pat has told her about the Felpersham abattoir scandal, and she’s sure that Eddie is involved. He insists that he didn’t know the meat was condemned until it was too late, but that doesn’t do a lot to calm Clarrie down.
  • Russ from the milking contractors calls at Brookfield, and gets a grumpy reception from Bert. David and Ruth are rather more pleased to see him, and after a tour of inspection, which impresses Russ greatly, they agree to go ahead with employing a milker from Russ’s agency. They all drink to the future of the enterprise.

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