Ed’s in trouble all round as his days as a Cannabis grower come to an end.

Radio Times: Ed and Jazzer’s hopes are dashed.

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  • George is relieved that Clive has been sentenced to twelve years for the fire-bombing. At last, thinks George, he and Chris can start to rebuild their lives.
  • A phone call from Matt puts Brian in a bad mood. Matt claims that he has found several sick birds, and can’t resist the opportunity to take another swipe at Brian’s ‘boy’ and ‘geriatric’. Initially Brian is angry with what he sees as neglect on William’s part, but when he discovers that William has taken the initiative, called Alistair and already treated the sick birds, he changes his tune. Being Brian, though, he has to make the point that communication would be appreciated. Nevertheless, Brian greatly enjoys putting Matt in his place over it all.
  • Tony tells Ed and Jazzer exactly what he thinks of their Cannabis enterprise. Ed tries to brazen his way out of it, but Tony’s in no mood for that. He makes them shred the plants, then Pat has her say. Finally Ed is summoned by Clarrie, who points out that Ed could have gone to prison for what he’s done. From now on, she says, if Ed wants to live in her house, he must have no more to do with Jazzer.

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