Ed turns over a new leaf – but it turns out to be a Cannabis leaf and Tony is out for blood.

Radio Times: Tony doubts Ed’s new leaf.

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  • As George and Will get to work in the pheasant pens, Will asks George if he thinks he might have a chance of getting Greg’s job. George thinks he does.
  • Will goes round to Greg’s house for some information about the shoot, but leaves in embarrassment when he encounters Helen collecting her things as she prepares to move in with Kirsty for a while. Greg is desperately upset.
  • Tony has heard rumours about the abattoir being investigated on charges of selling condemned meat. Pat puts two and two together and suspects that Eddie is involved. She thinks she should tell Clarrie, but Tony talks her out of it. He goes to sort out some damp that he’s noticed in the barn, and discovers that Ed and Jazzer, far from doing up Ed’s car in there, are growing Cannabis. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve used Tony’s polythene sheeting and electricity to keep the plants warm. Tony is after their blood.

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