Greg loses his cool but insists he doesn’t need help.

Radio Times: Helen sees Greg’s dark side.

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  • Brian phones Helen to tell her he’s given Greg a week to get himself back to work, but he really does need to sort out the future of the shoot. Helen asks for more time to talk Greg round, but Brian isn’t having any. He’s running a business, and as a business woman, Helen should realise that he’s got to find a replacement.
  • Greg overhears the end of the conversation, and when Helen tries to make out it was Kathy on the phone, he blows his top, accusing Helen of lying to him and of trying to run his life out for him. Helen shouts back, pointing out that they will soon be homeless, and that Greg needs professional help. In his anger, Greg knocks over the pan of pasta that Helen is cooking.
  • At Home Farm, Matt calls on Brian to see what he is doing about the shoot. Matt sneers at Brian’s efforts to run it with a geriatric (George) and a boy (William). Brian manages to keep his cool, and to say that he will advertise for a new Keeper. Meanwhile he hopes that Matt will enjoy his evening at the casino with Lilian and her new-to-gambling friend. Matt obviously has no idea who the guest is to be.
  • A distressed Helen turns up at Kirsty’s flat. Kirsty is sympathetic, but insists that Helen should face the fact that Greg has a violent side to him. Helen tries to convince her that it’s just depression, but Kirsty is sceptical. Could it be the reason for the failure of his marriage? Helen tries to argue, but has to admit that the bruise on her back was caused by Greg, and that she doesn’t feel safe living with him. Kirsty tells her she can stay there as long as she needs. That way Helen won’t have to face her parents and their ‘I told you so’ approach.

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