Helen can no longer hide her troubles from the family.

Radio Times: Helen gets the birthday blues.

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  • Clarrie is not her usual self; is there anything on her mind? Eddie is acting strangely and, she is ashamed to tell Pat, he had a run-in with the Environmental Health people two weeks ago. Pat cannot offer much comfort.
  • Ruth has just had a call from Usha and passes on to David the news of her engagement. She expects that the party will be quite something.
  • Helen is pleased with the bracelet Pat has bought her but she has to confess that Greg has not had time to buy anything. He is not well and will not be coming tonight. When Tom queries whether she really wants to come out tonight, she guesses that Kirsty has told him something – just that Greg has quit his job. She does not want Mum and Dad to know tonight.
  • Meanwhile in the kitchen, Mum and Dad know that something is wrong but they must wait until Helen wants to talk. Tom is loyal to his sister and says nothing.
  • When is comes to cutting her birthday cake, Helen is not hungry and she has no appetite at all for going out. She dissolves into tears and tells about Greg quitting his job. When Pat pronounces Greg selfish, Helen is quick to defend him and to tell them about the underlying cause; he is devastated about losing contact with the girls. She doesn’t know what to do, everything seems wrong. Tony assures her that she does not have to go through this alone: they are all here for her. She still loves Greg but is doesn’t seem enough any more.

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