Ashok goes with his heart and proposes to Usha.

Radio Times: There’s a bolt from the blue for Usha.

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  • Matt Crawford has arranged to look over the Carters’ house and Lilian has decided to go along; Susan is going to love this! Seeing Brian driving by, Matt flags him down to enquire what is going on with the shoot but Brian is economical with the truth.
  • Susan is already smarting from an offer from last week’s prospective purchasers which she considers derisory. Neil is already backing off the more expensive environment-friendly features he was considering for the new house. Are they ready for Matt?
  • In Borchester, Ashok is also looking at property: it’s a shop where he could sell his own work and the imported art. Usha thinks it is just right; Ashok’s gut feeling says no.
  • Lilian is really horrible going round Susan’s house, making comments about its size and decor. Anyway, Matt will need to see a surveyor’s report and he thinks the price is a bit steep but he will be in touch.
  • So if Ashok is not going to take the shop, what is he going to do; there really is nothing wrong with it. Perhaps he is scared of tying himself down; it all seems too real; it has gone from an idea in his head to a real place. Usha wonders whether he feels secure with her and gets a very positive answer; she is the reason he came back here. She finds that surprising as he had not given away such feelings before. But if she thinks he should act on his feelings then how’s this for a start: let’s get married. Perhaps she needs more time? No! (That’s “no” to more time) Yes, she would love to marry him.

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