Greg fears that he has lost his daughters but Helen remains positive.

Radio Times: Another call sends Greg downhill.

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  • Having heard conflicting stories about Greg, George is concerned enough to call and get it from the horses mouth but Greg, straight from an agitated phone call with Michelle in France, sends him away with a flea in his ear.
  • It will be Helen’s birthday in two days’ time and Pat is wondering what to do about it. Kirsty has told Tom that Helen and Greg are having problems but that’s all she would tell him, although Pat feels that he knows more.
  • Helen finds Greg taking comfort in the unconditional affection of his dog; he explains that Michelle has cut him off from the girls, saying that they find it too difficult having both parents on the scene. He has lost them and there is nothing to be done. He remembers how, when Sonja was born, he felt that everything in his life would be for her; he would die for her if need be. Right now, he wants to be alone.
  • At work on a new electric fence for the pigs, Neil quizzes Tom about sustainable building and gets an encouraging response. He is quite keen on a geothermal heat-pump but it seems so expensive.
  • Discovering that Helen has taken the day off, Pat calls to see her but gets absolutely nothing out of her. However, there is another reason for calling: what are they doing on Friday? Helen and Greg, apparently taken unawares, accept Pat’s invitation to Bridge Farm for a birthday meal. He, of course, had forgotten. This time Helen will not be rebuffed: he gets a kiss and her assurance that they are going to get through this. Sonja will come round; it’s going to be alright.

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