Anticipation of future events is exciting for Kathy, Kenton and Nigel but stressful Eddie.

Radio Times: Kenton gets experimental.

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  • Nigel got a bit carried away with the woodwork course and stayed all morning. He also had his mobile switched off so there are messages, at least one from Lizzie. Phil is interested in how the Film in the Fields evening is going and Kathy is pleased to report that the tickets have sold well. She is going to Kenton’s this evening to sort out the food. Phil’s congratulations about her winning simnel cake seem a bit thin on sincerity. Nigel has found a strange message from Eddie: he sounded rather stressed out.
  • Kenton has been experimenting in the kitchen but now his mind is on other things, principally the newly delivered popcorn maker for which Jack has stumped up half.
  • Nigel’s third call was from the wine-grower; 1500 vines will arrive in three weeks’ time. Phil has aspirations to make something on the lathe; maybe he will also help with the cruck barn.
  • Since there are no instructions, Emma thinks that Kenton should ring the guy who sold him the popcorn maker. She has left by the time the fun starts: Kenton has put too much in, and it is going everywhere. Kathy wishes she had a camera.
  • How come Will is able to pick up Emma? He has a deputy, although he can hardly call him that: it’s George. He has not told him about his meeting with Greg: as long as Brian Aldridge is saying something different, he feels it best to keep his mouth shut. George cannot make head nor tail of it.
  • Kathy approves of Kenton’s salsas although one of them is a bit warm, very warm in fact, and she has gone quite pink but she assures Kenton that it was not brought on by him.

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