Eddie confides in Joe about the trouble he is in over selling condemned meat.

Radio Times: Lynda’s competitive streak shines through.

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  • Usha is temporarily without her escort at the village hall festivities, giving Ruth some scope for teasing as it is clear that Ashok will be back later. Eddie has been charged with delivering Clarrie’s Easter bonnet but it is losing flowers fast. When Usha brings up the subject of his “friend’s” legal problem Eddie’s evades the issue (in front of Ruth) by confirming that he had passed on her advice.
  • Ian has a problem judging Lynda’s simnel cake: he cannot get through the tough exterior and eventually disqualifies the entry, placing Kathy first and Phil second. However, Lynda has high hopes with her bonnet; she insists on a vocal accompaniment to its presentation and Alan insists that will not be taken into account. Nevertheless, she gets the first prize.
  • Alan stresses that winning is not the most important aspect of the proceedings: raising money is what it’s all about. In this context he thanks Bert for the promises auction, which did really well. Poor Bert, he is still dreading his night out with Lilian; seeing the way she is carrying on with Matt Crawford doesn’t help either. Meanwhile Alan and Amy are off to spend a few days with Mabel.
  • On the way to the pub afterwards, Eddie feels the need to talk to someone about his plight, so he confides in his father. Joe is sworn to secrecy as there is no point in worrying Clarrie just yet: she will know soon enough if Eddie’s worst fears are realised and he goes to prison.

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