Greg puts William in the picture: he has quit and he is not coming back.

Radio Times: Brian tries to keep his word.

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  • At Brookfield they are on the verge of an infant riot; the children are bursting to start the Easter Egg Hunt but they have to wait for Phoebe.
  • Brian looks in on William in the incubator shed. Greg may be away a little longer; it’s family problems but Brian doesn’t like to pry. He is saved from further lies by his mobile.
  • At last Brian and Jennifer arrive with Phoebe and Ruth can get the hunt under way. The ladies talk of tomorrow’s event in the Village Hall; Jennifer will bring her camera to get photos of the kneelers for the web site. Also, they are pleased about Oliver and Caroline deciding to go ahead with fostering. The men talk of contract milking; David is going ahead with his expansion plans. Brian asks how George is and whether they think he would welcome some relief keepering.
  • William decides to find out for himself how long Greg will be away but Greg soon puts him in the picture: he’s not coming back and if Brian Aldridge sent him, he can take that message back. William urges him to talk to Brian but gets the door slammed in his face.

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