Greg returns and Helen’s efforts on his behalf are thrown in her face.

Radio Times: Chris goes down memory lane.

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  • Helen has been persuaded to take the day off; she and Kirsty are planning a lazy afternoon, with a video after lunch. Helen confesses that it has been nice having a few days to herself. She knows that the undemonstrative Greg loves her but it is hard always having to take it for granted. They must plan something for her imminent 25th birthday – but not now because Greg has returned unannounced.
  • Mabel has sent her kneeler for the church and when Alan delivers it, Jill and Chris are both impressed. Chris wonders whether she should start another one. Her improved mood is demonstrated by inviting Jill for lunch at Woodbine.
  • It would have been nice to have known that Greg was returning; Helen could have looked forward to it. His first priority is a shower; until then he will tell her nothing and he wants for nothing. Kirsty very wisely withdraws.
  • Chris delights in showing Jill the photograph album and her other gifts. There really is so much good in the world.
  • Greg’s trip to France has done nothing to improve his state of mind. Michelle only wants him there to deliver the discipline that she is unable to dispense herself. She ends up looking the reasonable parent while Greg is resented. Sonja says some hurtful things and Greg reacts, though he knows he shouldn’t. She wouldn’t even say goodbye. Helen chooses this moment to give him the good news that she has interceded on his behalf with Brian, who has agreed to hear him out. Thanks, but no thanks. She is just like all the others, undermining him and sticking her nose in. He doesn’t need her help or family favours – get out! Get out!

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