Ed asks Tom’s advice. Matt is annoyed by Brian’s advice. Tom rejects Helen’s advice.

Radio Times: Ed finds someone in the know.

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  • Helen offers Tom a hand, and tries to get him to talk about his problems, without success. In the midst of the conversation, Tom gets a text from Brenda, but refuses to answer it. Then Ed rings; Mrs Noakes in Grange Spinney has reported damage to her garden; it looks as though Harry has been there.
  • Matt’s mood is even worse than Tom’s. He has left the answerphone on; the only person he’s talking to is Russell, his solicitor. He admits that he’s very worried about his meeting with the SFS. Lilian does her best to console him, but Matt’s beyond platitudes. Then Brian appears on the doorstep, and very reluctantly, Matt asks him in.
  • There’s no sign of Harry at Grange Spinney, but Tom has some apologising to do to a very irate Mrs Noakes. Ed asks Tom for some advice, and while Tom’s in no mood for it, he acknowledges Ed’s help over the missing boar, and agrees.
  • Brian offers Matt sympathy, which is appreciated. Matt tells him that Chalkie has shafted him, and can’t be found. Brian is more concerned about the future of Borchester Land, and tries to suggest that Matt should step down from the Chair. Matt erupts in anger, but Brian stands his ground; Matt may well be convicted, which will be very serious for BL.
  • Ed tells Tom about Oliver’s offer. Tom is pleased for him, and does his best to offer constructive advice, though it’s a struggle. Ed is very realistic about his limitations in running a business, but Tom encourages him. They are interrupted by Helen, with some organic Brownies. She asks whether he’s texted Brenda, who is very upset, and tells him he should. No, says Tom, right now he’s doing all he can to save his business. He just hasn’t got time for Brenda.

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