Robert is short of comfort food. Alan is short of breath. Brian is short with Will.

Radio Times: Virtuousness comes at a price for Robert.

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  • Usha’s encounter with the mugger has affected her more than she realised. She just can’t go out for a run. Alan offers to run with her.
  • Lynda’s insistence on the 5 mile diet has caused Robert to eat the Easter egg he’d bought her, and Lynda catches him in flagrante with chocolate all round his mouth. Since he can’t even have a drink now, an angry Robert goes out for a walk.
  • Alan’s lack of fitness soon shows, and the runners have to stop while he gets his breath. Usha likes having Alan with her, and suggests they do it more often. Alan’s pleased because Shula has agreed to bring her donkey to the Palm Sunday service.
  • Robert meets Joe, who commiserates, and the two find their way to the cider shed. Just as they are getting stuck in, Lynda appears and is not pleased. She’s even less pleased when Joe says he wants to enter for the plinth competition; after all, the Grundys are an old Ambridge family.
  • Brian’s pleased to have Will back at the shoot, but as soon as Will starts to tell him about some new ideas he’s picked up in Gloucester, Brian becomes patronising, and tells Will to speak to Adam.
  • The runners end up in the Bull, and Brian joins them. It’s quickly apparent that everyone knows about Matt. Debbie is coming home soon, and she’ll have to join quite a queue if she wants to speak to him.

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