Ed comes to a sticky end, the penalty for being a dishonest quiz contestant.

Radio Times: Ed phones a friend.

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  • The Snells are looking forward to a day on their own, meanwhile Lynda is contemplating how best to defeat the proposed housing development; she is unenthusiastic about Siobhán’s plan to leaflet the village. A phone call from Marjorie reminds Lynda of a previously arranged commitment but all is well, for Robert is quite happy to do the quiz at the Bull.
  • The Ambridge Special Quiz, in aid of church funds, promises a big prize and Ed has his sights on it, by fair means or foul. Fallon has sent him some text messages on his mobile which he believes will come in handy. One of the challenges for the teams is to decorate an egg; unusually, the eggs are raw. Ed’s plans are not going too well: Siobhán and Greg beat him to finding the age of the oldest part of the Bull, although they are very grateful to him for showing them where to find it. The Snells’ egg, decorated superbly by Marjorie, is put in some strange places the final one being on a chair. Ed, now exposed as a cheat, sits down before anyone can stop him: so he has egg on face and egg on backside.
  • The Willow Farm Wanderers, namely the Tuckers and Joe, are the winners; their reward is a giant Easter egg which is undeniably a big prize.
  • Siobhán rather expects some support from Lynda tomorrow when she distributes leaflets but Lynda declares that she has enquiries of her own to pursue.

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