Bishop Cyril supports both vicar and congregation in their difficulties.

Radio Times: Janet gets support.

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  • Hayley is keeping in touch with Brookfield by phone, reporting progress on her fattening diet and offering a suggestion to help Pip cope with the isolation from her school friends. Jill will not be able to help with the design of the wedding cake but hopes to be free of the foot and mouth restrictions in time to do the actual decoration.
  • Janet is very grateful that the Bishop has come to preach on Easter Sunday. He recognises her devoted and tireless service and is pleased to support her.
  • At Brookfield the family are enjoying being out together in the countryside; David is demonstrating his prowess as a model aircraft pilot but won’t let Ruth have a go. Apparently girls just can’t do it! David is amazed to hear from Ruth that Robert Snell has returned; he must be mad. David had heard part of Wayne Foley’s radio programme and thought that Brian came over as rather arrogant, refusing to comment on the housing development; it has made Brian even more unpopular in the village.
  • Hayley and Lynda enjoyed the Bishop’s down to earth sermon. Lynda confirms that Robert is back and tells Hayley of their plans for Monday: they will have lunch at Grey Gables and a quiet evening at home. Hayley quietly wonders where Marjorie, her quiz partner, figures in this plan. Lynda also passes on the news that Kate married Lucas on Thursday.
  • The Archers have surrounded another of Jill’s roast lamb lunches and she ponders that this will probably be the last Easter Sunday lunch she will cook at Brookfield, unless …

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