Matt thinks Brian’s spreading the news of the devlopment and Robert returns to Lynda.

Radio Times: Matt is after blood.

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  • Pat (Tony is late!) is being ‘entertained’ by Lillian at Grey Gables and some very stiff Martinis are being consumed. Lillian is waxing lyrical about Nelson’s abilities with a cocktail shaker and his reputation as a bon viveur generally. She is wearing his bequest to her, a valuable necklace and matching earrings. They’re quite unusual – she hasn’t seen anything like them on the Ponte Vecchio ! Of course, Pat wouldn’t understand about things like that … this raises Pats hackles considerably. Lillian then goes on to dismiss organic farming out of hand. Tony hasn’t done so well as Brian has he? Prince Charles’ book confirms her idea that it’s all a rich man’s hobbby. A breath-taking ignorance of, and lack of interest in Tony and Pat’s way of life is obvious, and to top it all she is very secretive when asked about her own plans. By now Pat is practically spitting feathers …
  • … but is saved by tremendous self control, more Martini and the arrival of Lynda. Lillian has to go and sign for her car. There’s a phone message for Pat too, Tony can’t join them, apparently there’s a problem at the farm (typical of Tony). To Lynda’s surprise, Pat asks after Robert – wasn’t that his car she just saw in the village?
  • A furious Matt Crawford accosts Brian at Home Farm. He accuses Brian of breaking their agreement re keeping quiet over the housing development. He feels that Brian’s situation is becoming very dangerous, and is giving him a last angry warning to keep his mouth shut, just as Wayne Foley turns up. Again.
  • Back at Ambridge Hall, the wanderer returns and Lynda finds him busy writing an email of thanks to his Welsh hosts. His time in Cardiff has given him a chance to do a lot of thinking. He realises he has missed out on much of his daughters’ lives up to now, and wants to make up for it. He has given Leonie the deposit for a flat and intends to spend more time with both her and Coriander. Lynda breaks down – she thought he had left him. A lot of ‘But I’ve enough love for the three of you’ goes on. Ahhhh …

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