Edward lends a hand with Oliver’s garden and Kate rings to tell her mother that she’s just been married!

Radio Times: Oliver sizes up some calves.

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  • Edward calls for Fallon but she’s busy swotting for her GCSEs to the accompaniment of some very loud rock music. He tries to get some inside information on the quiz questions from Sid, but, even though he’s at his most irritatingly persistent, it’s to no avail.
  • Wayne Foley turns up fishing for public opinion on the proposed housing development, but Sid is being cagey. He will tell him however that he feels strongly that everyone should consider the matter carefully before they come to any decision. Wayne leaves to find a more clearly defined view!
  • Peggy arrives at The Bull to see Freda about church flowers. She agrees with Sid that he can’t be seen to be taking sides – he’d lose half his regulars whichever way he leant. Peggy is going to keep her own counsel too, even though privately, she admits, she is very much against the development. Sid disagrees with her – he thinks that a lot of people are more forward looking and anything that lengthens the odds of his business being a success is worth a go.
  • Edward is continuing to give Oliver the benefit of his horticultural expertise, negotiating a flat rate for digging part of the garden at Grange Farm. He assures Oliver that a good job will be done, he will take time off school to do the finishing touches. Education, and qualifications, he explains, are only for people who need others to tell them how clever they are. He knows already!
  • Wayne Foley calls at Home Farm to speak with Brian. His request to Jennifer is interrupted by her mobile. It’s Kate ringing from S.A. with the news that she’s married! Although very distracted, Jennifer still has enough wits to put Mr Foley off – especially after he shows her this morning’s article in the Echo.
  • Oliver’s inspecting the dug patch – Ed’s done a good job – and pays up promptly. He tells Ed about the penknife he’s lost recently. It has very great sentimental value. Ed is adamant that he hasn’t seen it, but as he walks away, he finds the knife on the garden. How extraordinary!
  • Jennifer is telling Peggy about Kate’s news. It’s typical of Kate, and not what Jennifer wanted at all (i.e. a civil ceremony, far away) . Peggy agrees, but for a different reason. She doesn’t see why they had to marry at all – obviously the match isn’t “suitable”. Jennifer, exasperated, says that Lucas is the best son-in-law she could wish for.
  • The doorbell rings … It’s that man again – Wayne Foley sniffing for more reactions to the housing story. He asks Peggy how it feels to have her family at loggerheads over the affair. No comment … Jennifer feels Brian will be livid when he finds out, but Peggy thinks he only has himself to blame.

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