Ed does really well with his ram at the Borchester show. Kate finds she can’t get the cash out of the farm in the way she thought.

Radio Times: Kate has the rug pulled from under her and Ruth suffers a crisis of conscience

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  • Ed and Emma are enjoying taking Peppa to the Show. Everything seems to be going well. Emma is fussing about her bridesmaid dress rather than the ram. But Ed is more bothered about the sniggers about the ram being called Peppa Pig.
  • David and Ruth are struggling with the old parlour. They really need the new one. Meanwhile Josh is off sorting out decorations for Ruth’s party. And Josh is Stud of the Month in the Borchester Echo – barely a mention of Brookfield. Pip has had a better night’s sleep thanks to Jill’s advice.
  • Kate returns to Home Farm. She still doesn’t want to calm down. It is all down to Brian. So Kate has decided to sell her share in the farm to other partners and buy land in Kent. She wants to spend some time with Phoebe and then she will be out of his hair forever.
  • Peppa makes 4th at the show which is great but Ed is still embarrassed about the name. Emma tries to convince him that it is great news. Poppy will be thrilled. But later, Ed is thrilled that someone offered him £4k for him. He didn’t sell, of course and Poppy would be devastated if he did but he’ll be worth a lot more when he’s older and they’ll deal with that when it happens.
  • Pip is feeling much better after her night’s sleep but Ruth is worried that Jill will be the winner in the Grandma stakes. She can’t knit or sew or bake. David tries to convince her that her skills are introducing the kids to nature, teaching them about the land. And look what she’s done for Ruairi. Ruth thinks it is a pity that David told Brian about the groundwater. But she’s not giving up on her deal on Ruairi. He needs her help.
  • Later, Brian talks to Kate. He points out that in the first place the other shareholders will need to agree to her selling her share and even if they did, she wouldn’t get the cash now. It would be paid at a slow rate over 10 years. Surely she had read the agreement? Kate is appalled.

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