The fete theme is to be Pets’ Party Pieces. Jill tells Shula she will support her whatever happens.

Radio Times: Jill comes to the rescue and Fallon has a bright idea

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  • Elizabeth says that exams for Freddie are over. Who knows what happens yet? Shula tells her that the mediation was horrendous. Alistair was so cold and she made everything worse.
  • Lynda and Fallon talk about how lovely the dog is but Fallon’s focus is on her bridesmaid. Lynda thinks it should be on the theme for the fete. Fallon tries to get away but Lynda insists on talking.
  • Lilian and Jennifer are also upset. Jennifer is worried sick about Kate. Lilian asks if her passport is still there or if she has the money to leave the country. Jennifer thinks not but she doesn’t think Brian has made any overtures. Lynda appears and the row between the two dogs gets serious when one shout of shut up gets them quiet. Fallon has sorted out Kirsty and Emma as her bridesmaids. Lynda would rather they talked about the theme. Later at the Committee meeting, Fallon has had an idea – a dog show. Lynda is very impressed. Maybe they could even expand it all to all of the village Pets. Pets’ Party Pieces.
  • Elizabeth accidentally tells Jill about the mediation. They both feel guilty that they haven’t made more time. They also discuss David’s concern that the party might be a bit more upmarket than Ruth would like. Kenton has threatened to liven it up. Elizabeth manages to tell Jill that Lily is gay. She is fine about it but Lily doesn’t want to talk to her about it. Elizabeth doesn’t understand why. Surely Mums always support their children.
  • Lilian and Jennifer have a chat in the garden. Brian won’t apologise. It’s just Kate being Kate. Lilian agrees but Jennifer doesn’t know how she can tell her mother has disappeared. Lilian tells her that Kate has just flounced and she’ll be back when she’s ready.
  • After her conversation with Elizabeth, Jill finds Shula and tells her she will always support her whatever happens and she wants to know about the mediation. Shula bursts into tears in Jill’s arms.

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