Ruth’s party is getting out of control. Freddie manages to take his last exam despite a police line but he isn’t out of Ellis’s clutches.

Radio Times: Freddie is in too deep and Adam struggles with his workforce

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  • Freddie is taking the piss out of David for letting Jennifer arranging Ruth’s party. It’s his last exam anyway. Johnny is just in to see his tutor. David is encouraging them all to pick for Adam. Something is going on at the college with several police cars. Freddie suddenly says he isn’t felling too wll and won’t get out of the car. Johnny drags him out.
  • Adam is sulking that Brian has a go at him for leaving Ruth a voice mail. Jennifer is worried if that was how he spoke to Kate. Adam says he was far worse with Kate. Jennifer tries to encourage him to talk to Kate but he says he is part of the conspiracy in her view. And he has more things to worry about with his lack of pickers. He’d hoped Kate might think of a strategy.
  • Freddie is petrified to see that the police are searching bags and there are drug dogs on the premises. Johnny doesn’t see why he is bothered and is interested to see Ellis being stopped. Johnny thinks he is scared of dogs and pushes him through the police lines.
  • David and Jennifer have another discussion about the party and who will be clearing up. (why that is needed if you are hiring a marquee and caterers, who knows). Then she starts on about chandeliers and floral tributes. Josh was thinking more about 50th balloons. David is very unsure. Jennifer thinks she needs to be wowed when she arrives. Then Jennifer says she’s booked a jazz quintet and David is even more unsure. He won’t tell her though, just that he doesn’t want to put her to any trouble. Then she says organising the party has saved her. So David just kinds of gives in and thanks her.
  • Freddie says his last exam wasn’t too bad. He can’t believe he never has to be there again and can get on with his life. Adam rings to check when he is coming in to work. It will depend on how hungover he is. The Ellis appears. He wasn’t arrested but some of his friends weren’t so lucky. So now Ellis has some vacancies. They have the whole world waiting for them for the whole summer. Surely Fred won’t let him down.

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