Alistair is all business about the divorce mediation and just wants to get on with it. Pip is clearly unhappy at the path her life is taking.

Radio Times: Alistair is resolute and Pip feels the strain

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  • Ruth is trying to get Pip to take things easy. She is obviously tired. Pip admits she is struggling but it is par for the course. The other people at her ante natal classes are full of energy but she is the one not coping. Ruth says she is also struggling with sleep because of Home Farm. Pip thinks Ruth is doing well as Ruairi’s attorney.
  • Alistair and Shula are preparing for their first mediation session when Philip turns up. He’s arranged to take Alistair to the session because his car is in for a service. Shula is shocked because she thought they’d go together but he claims he thinks it is better to keep everything separate. He has all of his folders of pension forecasts etc and has drawn up a proposal on how to split the business. He wants to get cracking.
  • Pip and Ruth finish weighing the lambs and get talking about Ed’s Texel. Pip is obviously unhappy that Josh is doing well with his business while she’s going to be stuck with a baby. Ruth sends her off for a nap.
  • Alistair thinks the session with the mediator went well. Shula thinks it was pretty intense. Philip can’t collect Alistair so he suggests he will get a taxi and the complains about the money Shula has spent on parking. She says she will drive him home but he has to get in or not. Alistair has decided the whole thing is a business decision (in a rather sulky way) while Shula is still keen on talking about feelings. Alistair says they’ve decided on a quick divorce – when she can buy him out of the house for example. Shula just says he should sort it out. She has to apologise again for the episode last week. Alistair just wants her to be clearer. No more messing about in the mediation meetings. He is dealing with it better than her.
  • Pip has another hissy fit when Josh doesn’t appear to be back for milking and then appears right on time. She then gets more annoyed that Josh has got a feature in the Echo. Ruth tries to tell her that Josh is doing will and so is she. Bringing up a child is one of the most difficult things anyone can do. Ruth tries to cheer her up but not with much luck.
  • Philip and Alistair have a pint. Philip tries to make him feel more positive about the mediation. He didn’t like it when he went through it. Alistair didn’t think Shula would ever stop about her feelings. He’s damned if he is going to let a mediator crawl over his feelings and claims to be looking forward to getting his own place and starting again. Philip thinks he is missing the point. He needs to grieve for the end of his relationship. But Alistair thinks it’s just business. He’s got closure. He’s fine about it. Philip is clearly sceptical.

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