Ed gets to enter his ram lamb into the Borchester show but there is no way Poppy will agree to him not being called Peppa Pig.

Radio Times: Ed contemplates humiliation and Peggy fears the worst

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  • Shula and Lilian are enjoying a hack. Things with Alistair are worse than ever. He’d been so kind and she thought they could be friends but Alistair thought it meant more. Why does she keep making things worse? Peggy calls and says Christine has finally agreed to go to the Doctor. Peggy showed her that there were no scratches on the door so it wasn’t Hilda keeping her awake. Both of them are terrified.
  • Lynda does seem to support Emma for her work on the Parish Council for which Emma is grateful. But she can’t do any more speedwatch until September. Lynda is more worried about the fete and Fallon’s plan for it. Then Ed draws up to say he is able to enter his ram lamb into the Borchester fair. Lynda is confused how Peppa Pig can be a ram….
  • Shula admits to Lilian that the turning point in her relationship with Alistair was the arrival of Philip. She isn’t interested in him at all but it did make her realise what she was missing. Shula wonders if she should be honest about it at the first mediation meeting tomorrow. Lilian insists it would be totally wrong. There is such a thing as too much honesty.
  • Ed is getting Peppa Pig dressed up for the show. Mia is still showing some interest in football, but not in her teams. And it doesn’t seem that Andrew even knows. They discuss possible names that Poppy might accept. Maybe Prince would work.
  • It turns out that Christine has a bladder infection. Lilian and Peggy are so pleased it isn’t anything more serious. The Lynda turns up with her doberman which terrifies Ruby. Lynda says her management of Monty is fine but Lilian needs to do better training of Ruby. Meanwhile Peggy isn’t impressed with Monty licking her shoes.
  • Poppy can’t be convinced to change the name. Peppa was what Nic called her. Ed hopes it doesn’t make them a laughing stock but that is what it has to be.

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