Ed find relationships difficult. Jennifer unearths historical evidence.

Radio Times: Fallon’s suspicions come to the fore.

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  • Ed meets Emma and George by the duckpond, and manages to restrain George before he meets with an accident. Emma tries to engage Ed in conversation, without success, and they are interrupted by a call from Fallon, reminding Ed that he’s already half an hour late. He says he’s on his way, but Fallon knows better; she can see him from the Bull.
  • Lilian and Jennifer discuss the skull. Lilian is quite freaked out by the discovery, but Jennifer is just interested in dating the find. She unearths some old records, which show that the hedge where it was found was planted in the early 1800s, so the skull must pre-date that.
  • News of the skull travels quickly, and there is much interest, not least from a Canadian woman staying in Jennifer’s holiday cottage. The county archaeologist has decided to dig for the rest of the skeleton.
  • Fallon teases Ed, who is clearly uncomfortable. She tries to interest him in some photos of the band’s tour, and again gets little response. They go out for a walk, but meet Emma again. This time Ed takes the initiative and pulls Fallon away. He just can’t cope with meeting Emma.

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