Mike and Eddie make a gruesome discovery. David stands firm over the digester.

Radio Times: Mike and Eddie uncover a dark mystery.

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  • Usha calls at Brookfield with invitations to both ceremonies and some bridal magazines, hoping that Ruth will advise her what to wear. She and Alan have vetoed the idea of wedding presents in favour of charity donations. Alan has chosen a hymn and a reading and they are going to see Archdeacon Rachel, who will marry them at St. Stephen’s.
  • Eddie and Mike begin work on the picnic area, but have a cup of tea with Jennifer first. She’s not happy; Brian has taken Ruairidh to look for a memorial picnic bench.
  • It’s yet another Ambridge birthday – this time it’s Adam’s 41st, and for him it’s wrecked when David rings to tell him he and Ruth are withdrawing from the digester scheme because of Matt. Adam hotfoots it to Brookfield in an attempt to talk David out of his decision.
  • David’s in no mood to change his mind. It had been agreed from the start that there would be no outside waste, so if Matt wants to alter the original plans, Brookfield will have nothing to do with it. Adam tries, rather lamely, to make David change his mind. What looked like a comfortable agreement with a neighbouring farm has now become an industrial plant.
  • As Mike and Eddie get on with groundwork for the picnic area, Mike shouts to Eddie to stop. In the digger bucket is a human skull. Mike rings the police, and Eddie runs to Home Farm to tell Jennifer.

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