David and Ruth are set to pull out of an enlarged bio-digester project.

Radio Times: David takes on the big boys.

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  • Susan has a question for Ruth about a rumour she has heard. It’s a rumour with provenance: she got it from Clarrie, who got it from Pat, who got it from Lilian, so it must have come from Matt! It is that the digester is to be much bigger than originally planned. Ruth deflects it as best she can.
  • Jennifer finds Brian checking a copse quite a way from home. He seems rather absorbed.
  • Ruth reports back to David; this is just what he didn’t want to happen.
  • Brian reveals that he was thinking about Ruairidh and Jennifer’s suggestion that he needs to mourn his mother in private. So Brian is thinking of creating a special place for him, near to Home Farm, where he could go alone – or maybe invite Brian to go with him. Jennifer, her patience tried to breaking point, suspects that the proposed memorial is really for Brian and she wants to hear no more about it.
  • David calls on Matt, who tries to sell him the idea that a bigger digester is greener. David is very much aware that he told the village it would be small and he is not minded to change. Basically, his position is that if the size of the project grows, then it will be without Brookfield. When he reports back to Ruth, she is in full agreement.

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