William admits he was wrong about George. Fallon is aware that something is wrong with Ed.

Radio Times: Brian and Jennifer live the high life.

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  • Jennifer and Brian are preparing for a day at Ascot but, strangely, Ruairidh has been outside; Brian brings him in, rather dirty and still in his pyjamas.
  • It’s breakfast time too at Ambridge View and Emma receives a call from Will: he wants to talk to her later during her break.
  • Another birthday! It’s Fallon’s today and mum is spoiling her with breakfast in bed. Ed is working but Fallon is expecting to do something with him this evening.
  • Once on the road, Brian and Jennifer discuss Ruairidh who is clearly on Brian’s mind. Brian found him burying a dead bee; Jennifer thinks it is just his way of dealing with seeing his mother’s grave. Anyway, they can put all that aside for a day and enjoy Ascot.
  • William confesses to Emma that she was right about the way he has been with George. William feels a failure as a dad but Emma tries to reassure him; he just needs to be a bit firmer with George.
  • Fallon’s plans have not worked out: Ed has not been able to book anywhere posh, so they are going to end up at The Bull. Jolene asks whether all is will with Ed and Fallon admits that something seems to have changed. Maybe he can’t cope with Fallon’s success, especially in the light of uncertainty over his own job.

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