Ed is doing his best to please everyone; Fallon is definitely NOT a hunt supporter!

Radio Times: Ambridge gets political.

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  • Shula is out riding one of her new livery horses and meets a rather glum David checking the cattle. She offers to support him at the court tomorrow but he expresses his preference to keep it low key – he has even asked Ruth not to come. But he accepts Shula’s invitation to a drink after the hunt meeting in the Bull tonight.
  • Oliver and Ed have brought in the Grange Farm store cattle for the winter. Ed enjoys this ‘real’ work much better than his community service but assures Oliver that he’ll get it done, even if it is a lot of hours sanding windowsills … ! Fallon is dropped off to walk home with Ed, who offers to help distribute more hunting posters for Oliver. Fallon is incredulous.
  • At the Bull, the hunt meeting is well attended. Susan expresses her willingness to help out, and Neil’s, although this evening he is tied up with one of his sows.
  • Fallon is giving Ed a really hard time about his apparent support for the hunt. He really doesn’t care either way – he’s only returning a favour to Oliver.
  • The meeting is proceeding. Susan supportively mentions her friends Carl and Sandra who work for the hunt and would be out of a job, not to mention their home if the hunt was banned. She’s sure they would be willing to address a future meeting.
  • Sid gets the same treatment from Fallon for allowing the meeting to be held in the Bull and he tries to convince her that business is business. But would he allow the hunt saboteurs the same privilege, she counters? Anyway she’s sure the ‘hunt-lot’ are all but finished …
  • David claims his promised drink from Shula. She’s just missed Kenton (who?!), whose latest obsession is poker! Ed comes over and magnanimously tries to assure David, from first hand experience, that it won’t be too bad in court. And just when he and Shula were both trying not to think about it … !!

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