Lynda casts for the Mystery Plays; Robert helps the Grundys prick the sloes.

Radio Times: Robert does some detective work.

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  • Robert thinks he can identify Foursquare via a web-site which tracks message board registered IPs. Lynda is ecstatic, especially when it reveals that the protagonist used the Bull, Ambridge, computers … !!! Ask Jolene to check her records!
  • Eddie is trying to console Joe, still fretting about the planning officer’s refusal to acknowledge his hard-won petition. But the sloe gin is beginning to take priority, especially over Lynda’s auditions for the mystery plays, which Bert arrives to announce. Joe will have nothing to do with that woman!
  • At the auditions, Bert is giving it his all. Clarrie and Kathy approve while Lynda brings her assumed authority to bear … not only on Bert!
  • The sloe gin production is going well. Robert turns up in apologetic (for Lynda) mood and is roped in to the secret recipe. Not a metallic fork for pricking – a thorn from the bush. Each berry is to be pricked twelve times. Good job there is half a bottle of gin left over and Robert to help … pass the glasses!
  • Lynda’s judgement places Clarrie in the part of Salome (!) and an annoyed Kathy as Second Woman (?)
  • The Grundys and Robert are still busy pricking the sloes. In their now-gin-sodden opinion, the planner’s visit was just a formality, not a turn-down – in fact, the llamas would have been a beneficial addition to the field too!! Clarrie and Kathy, on their return, think the well-preserved secret recipe is obviously to drink all the gin first! And in a classic Archer’s moment, leave Eddie to work out for himself, “How many pricks ‘ere’?”
  • Bert is still supporting Lynda, even to the extent of running her home from the auditions in Robert’s absence. Robert returns inebriated and apologetic that Jolene’s records will not reveal Foursquare’s identity. But he’ll find another way, trust him, he WILL …

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