Brian is determined to get back at the helm; Joe’s determination is knocked back.

Radio Times: Joe gets a second chance.

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  • Brian is trying to get back to work at the computer, but is still in discomfort. Phil has come over to check the beet with Adam. Jennifer suggests Brian should limit himself to some nice gentle reading about at Adam’s suggestion, the new farm woodland premium scheme …
  • Joe has been collecting more signatures on his petition – though some by foul means, much to Clarrie’s disgust! He’s also been collecting sloes for this season’s batch of flavoured gin. But a shave is the order of the moment – he’s expecting the planning officer at Grundy’s Field in half an hour.
  • Adam and Phil discuss the merits of harvesting the beet sooner rather than later, and whether they should be growing it at all, third world and all that. Adam has Brian to contend with on that issue, Phil concedes sympathetically! Joe catches a reluctant Phil for his signature on the petition – you never know, that one could make all the difference, says Joe optimistically … !!!
  • Kate has phoned from South Africa. Not so Debbie from France, Brian tells an enquiring Phil. Has David been in touch with her recently, returns Brian? They discuss the possible outcomes of David’s forthcoming court case on Thursday and Brian offers a willing ear if David needs to talk.
  • Clarrie has discovered three litre bottles of gin in her kitchen. What’s this all about, she asks Joe on his return from the field. But Joe is disconsolate. The planning officer wouldn’t take his petition – said it was irrelevant, a waste of time, no use at all … Joe might as well tear it up right now …

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