Shula and Alistair’s troubles are put into perspective by Daniel’s conkers; Susan apparently washes her hands of Clive.

Radio Times: Family ties are tested for Susan.

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  • On ‘Seed Gathering Sunday’ the Country Park is invaded by conker gathering Archer families trying to forget their current troubles. Shula is not being too successful at retrieving livery customers, a new vet’s practice in Hollerton is poaching Alistair’s clients and Ruth reveals that a rather-down-David’s badger wasn’t a TB carrier …
  • Caroline and Oliver are out for a ride. Susan drives past and they rationalise her lack of sociability towards them. They are pleased to see that plenty of pro-hunt posters are in evidence.
  • Back at the Stables, Shula’s frustrations come to a head. She has a go at Alistair for not worming the Stables ponies on schedule. He tetchily tries to apologise by reminding her that he has troubles too, you know, and Daniel’s intervention with a conker challenge brings them back to rational reality, sealed with a kiss!
  • Susan is trying, yet again, to empathise with Clive. He is as unimpressed and sarcastic as ever.
  • Ruth calls on Oliver and Caroline to invite them to their beef tasting in the Bull next week. They accept with pleasure – luckily it doesn’t clash with the hunt meeting the next day.
  • A new DIY store is opening soon, Susan tells Clive. Getting a job could keep him out of prison. But Clive tells her that what he did was worth it – he doesn’t want any of other people’s caring. Susan at last realises family means nothing to Clive. She bids him goodbye.

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