Ed is in a bad way, totally drunk most of the time and asking Jazzer for drugs. Tom’s van is trashed again.

Radio Times: Jazzer does a dubious favour.

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  • Tom is off to clean his van when David comments he noticed that the van was open earlier. Tom is clearly worried. When they look, Tom’s van has been trashed but he won’t go to the police. He wants to take them on himself but David says that is just stupid. So now Tom thinks security for the van is the way forward. He’s not going to let them beat him.
  • Jazzer and Fallon come to visit Ed. He is clearly drunk and he and Jazzer get into a play fight ending up with Ed getting the worst of it. He tells them he’s not sure he wants to stay – Emma has taken everything from him. When they ask him what he’s been doing he admits he got into some trouble in Brighton but then flies into a temper. He wants to go out with them but they need to go. But then Ed falls down drunk and Oliver and Caroline are left to sort him out. But he gets violent again. He manages to ask Jazzer to get crack for him. Jazzer is reluctant – he offers to get him cannabis but Ed pleads with him.
  • Caroline isn’t sure about Ed seeing Jazzer again. Oliver thinks they should let him get back to normal life but Caroline isn’t convinced that is what he wants. She’s not sure about letting him have more to drink either. If he carries on getting paralytic how are they ever going to cope.

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