Ed is unsettled and desperate for a drink. He just wants to be alone. Oliver bribes him to stay with alcohol.

Radio Times: Emma’s left out in the cold.

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  • Elizabeth is still fussing about returning bark chippings. Titcombe had better realise the trouble he’s caused. Nigel, meanwhile, is still obsessed with his Uncle’s paintings. It could be that the bit of the picture he uncovered could be a part of the grounds but they will never know now that Nigel has decided to sell them.
  • Ed has been sleeping so Joe and Clarrie haven’t spoken to him much yet. Eddie still hasn’t come round. Emma calls round to find out the news but Clarrie isn’t encouraging. This isn’t about Emma; it’s what is best for Ed that matters.
  • Ed is clearly desperate for a drink and he finds all the attention a bit overwhelming. He’s not really able to answer any questions. They just get to the point of blaming Eddie when Emma turns up and causes even more trouble. Ed gets into a state and storms out. Being alone is all he ever wanted.
  • Ed tries to get away and to have a drink before he goes but Oliver won’t give up until Ed threatens to leave. Then Oliver agrees to give him a drink if he agrees to stay. Ed agrees.

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