Ed is still at Grange Farm so Oliver hopes that means he has decided to come off the drugs.

Radio Times: Lilian flashes the cash.

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  • David is busy with Sam away and the kids are getting fed up waiting for the tree house to be finished.
  • Jolene is still fussing about Lilian’s party and she hasn’t paid the bill yet. Sid is more relaxed – Jolene is just annoyed that Lilian wants to replace the carpet. Sid reminds her that she didn’t like it when she first moved in either. Jolene reluctantly agrees – but they don’t need to do it yet though. Lilian doesn’t call the tune.
  • Ed didn’t leave after all. Oliver hopes that means Ed is thinking about coming off the drugs but Caroline isn’t so sure. Oliver just thinks he needs time to decide to do it for himself. Oliver has made an appointment with a drugs counsellor so there is something ready for him if he decides he needs help. Caroline wants to tell Clarrie and Eddie about the crack but Oliver thinks that could make Ed worse and Clarrie is too fragile to take it. Leave it a few days then maybe they can give Clarrie some good news.
  • Lilian comes up with the money plus a couple hundred extra for there trouble. Jolene is lost for words! Lilian is still pressing on with the carpet plans though.

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