Ed is under orders to take his maths exam.

Radio Times: Ed votes with his feet.

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  • Clarrie is embarrassed to receive a phone call from Ed’s school to say that he missed his exam today. When he gets home Clarrie lays down the law. He must revise tonight despite his insistence that it is a waste of time. For the maths exam tomorrow, Eddie is instructed to take him to school.
  • David is discussing arable matters with Debbie and is worried about a problem with the wheat; he thinks it is probably yellow dwarf virus. Debbie advises that, if it is localised, spraying may be an unnecessary expense.
  • Phil is keen to get on with the silage. Jill brings a lunchtime picnic up to the silage field and Bert tucks in enthusiastically, more interested in Jill’s new grand-daughter than in silage. Apparently, Shula has had the surveyors report on the Stables and the roof on the house needs replacing – another threat to the Archer house moves.
  • It is practically dark and Phil is still working but yields to Jill when she demands that he stops for the night. They now have more freedom, with no Foot and Mouth disease in their neighbourhood, but Phil really doesn’t have drive himself so hard.

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