Scott and Lilian shock the line dancers with their “dirty dancing”.

Radio Times: Scott makes an impression.

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  • Scott and Lilian are planning to go to the line dancing at The Bull tonight; the preamble in the privacy of their Grey Gables suite sounds pretty sensual.
  • At The Bull, Fallon complains that the noise from the line dancing will interfere with her revision for tomorrow’s French exam. Lynda takes this as an excuse to show off her French, which is not appreciated, and Jolene offers to help later.
  • Once Scott and Lilian arrive, the line dancing takes on a new character, with Scott introducing some new steps. Emma and Fallon seek the peace of the car park; Fallon says she might stay on for A levels, while Emma is worried that her job at Lower Loxley is not very secure in the present climate.
  • When Fallon and Emma return to the line dancing, Scott and Lilian are in full cry with a display of dancing the like of which Ambridge has not seen before. Shocking!

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