Ed’s beating himself up about the accident and Neil looks for retribution

Radio Times: Neil wants retribution.

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  • Neil and Susan are still worried about Emma. She will need a series of operations to repair the wound. She is still in quite a lot of pain. Susan hasn’t been able to bring herself to talk to Clarrie yet and Neil says he doesn’t want them to have anything to do with any of the Grundys – especially Ed. Emma is not so sure.
  • Ed tells Jazzer he mustn’t come to Keeper’s Cottage. Eddie thinks its partly Jazzer’s fault. Ed is pretty fed up with Fallon too. He thinks she will blame him but she is just worried about him. He can’t really remember what happened in Court. All he could think about was Emma – he’s got to see her. William is pretty furious with him – it degenerates into a fight. How can Ed live with himself not even knowing if Emma will lose her leg? He’s been spoilt and that’s why he’s in this mess. He needs to learn a lesson.
  • Neil and Susan can’t sleep. They feel so helpless and Emma is in pain. Neil still thinks it’s all his fault. And how will they cope financially if they have to make changes. Emma deserves compensation. He’ll sue the hospital or Ed Grundy. He will have to see a solicitor.
  • Ed can’t sleep either. Clarrie is worried about him. He’s having nightmares. Neil won’t let him talk to Emma but he’s got to see her. He wants to tell her how sorry he is.

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