The village is divided over Ed and Neil finds a possible route for compensation

Radio Times: Two visitors for Emma.

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  • Ruth and David are getting on with work on the farm. Debbie is certainly pressing on with the contract work but David is feeling under a bit of pressure. Ruth has had another idea on how to get the yield up on the herd. There is a good margin to be made.
  • Emma’s a bit groggy after her operation. She still wants to see Ed but Neil won’t let her. But it seems to have gone reasonably well.
  • Neil seems to think Emma is coming on reasonably well. Neil has also found out he can make a claim against the Motor Insurer’s Bureau because Ed was uninsured so he will make a claim on Emma’s behalf once she’s out of hospital and knows how much help they will need. Betty wants to tell Clarrie about Emma but Neil still doesn’t want to speak to any of the Grundys – even her. She was fighting a losing battle with Ed.
  • Ruth has popped round to Betty to leave a pie for Neil. Jill left the freezer stuffed with food and it might be useful for Neil. Ruth thinks Ed has a lot to answer for. Betty doesn’t think he’s a bad lad at heart and she knows what its like to have a bright kid ending up in bad company.

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