William’s annoyed at his brother and George is cleaning up at the Lodge

Radio Times: William is adamant.

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  • Ed sneaks in to see Emma. She’s okay but she isn’t keen on having all the operations. Ed blames himself and probably made it worse by dragging her out of the car but Emma thinks he saved her life. They were both stupid and in it together but Ed was brave. If he’d run away she’d be dead. Emma gives him a hug just as William appears in the ward.
  • George has sneaked his dog into the lounge at the Lodge to warm in front of the fire when Helen accidentally lets the cats in while leaving some vegetables. The cats make the dog rather over excited and a china shepherdess gets broken. Helen thinks it was something Mrs P left for Peggy. It seems to be a clean break. Maybe George can stick it back together.
  • William tells Greg how annoyed he is about Ed going to see Emma. He doesn’t understand Emma’s attitude. Why was she hugging him? He can’t believe it. Ed nearly killed her – why has she forgiven him? It would be just like Ed to try to take advantage of her.
  • George gives his evidence on behalf of the Parish Council to the enquiry on extending the village envelope. He recommends “in fill” as a better option than large scale development on the edge of the village. Peggy thinks it went well.
  • Helen has been arranging a cheese tasting at the shop to find out what the customers want. Greg doesn’t find it too fascinating but Helen thinks its important to find the right gap in the market before they decide what to make. William has been visiting again but he didn’t get chance to talk to her alone because all her friends were there. Helen thinks Ed is a loser but Greg thinks you should never give up on kids.
  • William is still fed up with Ed. He should get a job and pay him back the money for the car. Ed has got all this laziness from Eddie who is always taking shortcuts if he can. Why is Clarrie defending him? It’s him that causes all the problems. William tells Clarrie that Ed has even managed to get Emma to forgive him.

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