Emma’s getting lots of visitors and life slowly returns to something like normality for the Grundys

Radio Times: Eddie makes a delivery.

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  • Kathy has brought in some Lower Loxley cakes for Emma. Things seem to be going fine there but Elizabeth has only taken on someone temporarily to replace Emma so her job seems safe.
  • Joe isn’t getting to sleep because of Ed’s nocturnal wanderings. Clarrie is thinking of taking him to the Doctor but surely there is no need for that. He just needs some fresh air. Clarrie is worried about William too. Ed and William aren’t speaking and William has had a row with Clarrie as well. Clarrie and Eddie are having rows too. She thinks he should have been harder on Ed and Joe says there is some truth in that. But they are going to have to stick together. Its easy to see where you went wrong when you look back but not so easy at the time. Joe couldn’t do anything about Alf either.
  • Kirsty and Fallon have come to visit Emma but she has been moved. Fallon is really enjoying her course. It’s going very well. Fallon knows it could have been her in that car. Emma is still getting a lot of pain. Visitors are very tiring. Everything is getting too much for her. She can’t bear to think of the future and bursts into tears.
  • Bert tries to cheer Joe up with some tobacco. He’s still been practising his ploughing but Joe thinks he can still beat him. Eddie has found a vintage tractor for Joe to use. At least that means they will be in different classes so they won’t be competing against each other.

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