George wants the cottage finish ASAP and Ruth and David are finding some luck with their herd.

Radio Times: George has to confess.

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  • George is trying to persuade David to be the new village Floodwarden but he hasn’t got time. David suggests William but he has a lot on his plate too. George is still trying to get Jason to finish the police cottage quickly. He thinks they might be thrown out of the Lodge one Peggy knows about the broken ornament. David recommends he owns up.
  • Susan tells Betty how upset Emma was. It was heart breaking. She’s had another operation but they still can’t tell them anything. What will happen if she loses her leg? Susan can’t talk to Neil. It would make it all seem more real. Betty is still trying to mediate between Clarrie and Susan but Susan doesn’t feel up to talking to her yet. She’s sorry for Clarrie but she can’t forgive them yet and nor can Neil.
  • Ruth and David are pleased with the how the silage is helping the yield. One of the Herefords is calving and its a heifer. They’ve done pretty well so far. Going into Herefords was definitely the right thing to do.
  • Clarrie tells Betty she is still worried about Ed. He’s helping Eddie with the landscaping but he seems worried about what people will say. Clarrie would like to visit Emma but Betty thinks she should wait awhile.
  • George tries to break the news about the broken ornament to Peggy but she’s more interested in talking about other things. Just when he gets to the point, the cats get in again and break the ornament a second time – there won’t be any mending it this time but it turns out it wasn’t an heirloom after all – just a piece left over from the white elephant stall so she need never know.

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