Neil’s still steaming at all Grundys and Lynda’s got a plan for Christmas.

Radio Times: Betty is caught in the middle.

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  • Shula is buying a magazine on exotic animals for Daniel. Lynda hopes it won’t be snakes. She is against keeping any animals in cages anyway but Shula says stick insects are the limit. Lynda has been visiting Helen’s cheese tasting – its very brave after such a bad year for farmers. Lynda is not sure if she is prepared to tackle another Christmas venture either. The Mikado was exhausting and Robert thinks she might do too much. Shula accidentally puts it into her head that she could do a “Victorian Christmas” at Ambridge Hall for friends and neighbours.
  • More Hereford calves are on the way at Brookfield. Shula has just passed Ed Grundy. He’s looking terrible. It was probably Ed who knocked Alice off her horse. David thinks he should get a few months at least. George seems to have given up looking for a flood warden. He is going to take the job on himself. Ruth is still waiting for the results of the amniocentesis. Then they can relax.
  • Lynda is thinking of visiting Emma. Betty is pretty sure she would be welcome but doesn’t think raising the Christmas show would be tactful. Betty isn’t too keen on hearing about the Victorian Christmas either. Eddie is still pretty fed up – at least Lynda was sympathetic. It wouldn’t surprise him if half the village didn’t speak to him again. Neil is fed up with him. He wants all Eddie’s stuff off his land now. He regrets ever getting mixed up with the Grundys. Tempers are certainly flying. Neil just can’t think about how things could turn out for Emma. How would she take it? How will they cope? He remembers how she was when she was born – so perfect and now … If she loses her leg, he won’t be able to bear it.

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