Clarrie’s struggling with life after the accident

Radio Times: Robert says “No show”.

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  • In the village shop, Jill and Betty are gossiping about Lynda’s plans for Christmas at Ambridge Hall. Clarrie arrives and tells them, in response to their solicitous enquiries, that the Youth Offending Team are coming to inspect them and to look into Ed’s home life. She is still blaming herself. She asks if they have any more news about Emma Carter. She is feeling very low and isolated.
  • At Ambridge Hall, Lynda tries to enthuse Robert about her ideas for an authentic Victorian Christmas with traditional decorations. Robert is slowly wooed into allowing Lynda to invite in the neighbours as long as there is no element of performance.
  • At Brookfield, Jill drops in on Ruth and David with a few things for Pip’s Harvest Basket. They discuss the progress of sales of Hassett Hills Lamb and the fact that although it’s doing well through the retail outlets, there is no impact being made on the catering side.
  • Clarrie has returned home and Betty calls with the newspaper which Clarrie left in the shop. Clarrie bursts into tears and tells Betty all her anxieties about Ed and Emma, but what is really hurting her is the loss of Susan Carter’s friendship.

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