Neil is furious that Ed’s been in to see Emma.

Radio Times: Emma’s stereo is too personal

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  • In the shop, George is spying on the work in the police house and Joe is embarrassed at being served by Susan, which she does though, she’s no quarrel with him – or with Clarrie.
  • Neil’s in the hospital passing on the village gossip … but when Emma brings out a CD player, he’s furious to discover that it’s Ed’s and that he’s been in to lend it to her. Later, outside, Susan bursts into tears – mainly those of relief – which she doesn’t want Emma to see.
  • George asks Oliver whether he might stroll around the Grange Farm orchard (he’s doing a blind tasting at the Harvest Supper and there are some trees there which will give him good practice). Oliver later visits Joe to offer some land for him to practice his ploughing on … although Joe thinks it was a ruse to getting it done for nothing!