Neil’s not for forgiving any of the Grundys any time soon.

Radio Times: Helen and Greg try the healthy waters.

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  • Lilian’s been through her surgery and will be recouperating at Home Farm any time soon.
  • Helen and Greg are off to Bath for a day out – lots of sighseeing and just being together … and he suggests that they might share a holiday together?
  • Eddie wants to keep Ed under his watchful eye – the youth offender office is visiting tomorrow so there’ll be no disappearing acts. Ed wants to go and see Emma, but Eddie’s not keen on that idea. He’s running short of compost and wonders about popping by Willow Farm to pick some up. Siobhán (at Keeper’s Cottage to complain about their unsightly lean-to greenhouse) mentions that Susan was serving in the shop … so maybe Neil’ll be going with her to the hospital later, leaving Willow Farm alone …
  • Only it isn’t. As Eddie and Ed are scuttling around, Neil returns and is livid. He’s ranting about restraining orders and harrassment … and doesn’t take kindly to Eddie calling him a mate.