Like father, like son?

Radio Times: Like father, like son?

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  • Phil has called to see David at Brookfield, keeping out of Jill’s way while she packs for Australia. Ruth arrives to tell them that her amniocentesis is clear.
  • At Keeper’s Cottage, the Grundys are preparing anxiously for the arrival of Mr Sykes from the Youth Offending Team. He asks to speak to them all individually.
  • Back at Brookfield, David bends Phil’s ear about the way Debbie has drilled the fields. Ruth arrives as he holds forth and accuses him of finding fault with all that Debbie does. Later on she corners David and gets him to admit that his fault finding is springing from the fact that he doesn’t feel totally in charge. She points out that he is sounding exactly as Phil describes himself when he took over Brookfield from his Father. David sees the funny side of the situation: ‘I don’t want to turn into Dad yet!’
  • The interviews are progressing at Keeper’s Cottage. Joe is spinning a long ‘hard-luck’ tale about Ed and the difficult time he had when Grange Farm was sold. Much of what Clarrie would like not to have been revealed is given a gloss by Joe which suggests that Ed never had a chance. When Clarrie’s turn comes, she is somewhat shocked by Joe’s revelations and when Mr Sykes leaves she turns her full anger on Eddie and Joe.

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