Ed spells it out for Emma: they are finished.

Radio Times: Emma has a break with the past.

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  • Nigel is enthusiastic about his vines to the point of being a bore; Roy is invited to join the harvest in September – there’s a slap-up lunch and eventually some bottles of wine as a reward.
  • Ed has not touched his breakfast because he has been in bed all morning but, as he is at pains to point out to his mum, it’s not a hangover. Clarrie’s attempts to get him outside, to Grange Farm for example, are not well received. Maybe he could fix the latch on the front gate for her.
  • Titcombe and Mrs Pugsley are to marry soon and Elizabeth is keen to do the reception at Lower Loxley. They will live in Titcombe’s cottage; Hayley sounds envious.
  • Ed’s work on the gate is interrupted by a visit from Emma and George. She still loves him and she knows that he loves her. What are they going to do?
  • Hayley calls for some Bridge Farm ice-cream and invites Clarrie over for the evening; she has rather more reasons than are strictly necessary for declining the invitation.
  • Emma wants to make it right; she can help Ed. It doesn’t matter how they feel about each other, Ed is convinced that it will never work. He has faced this truth; she must too. He has nothing left to say; they are finished; it’s all over.

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