Ed tells Will that he won’t be at the wedding. Will is annoyed; Emma is shocked into silence.

Radio Times: A shock for Emma.

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  • The house is coming on a treat, now that the doors and windows are in, but Neil and Susan are preoccupied with the wedding, in particular the problem family into which Emma is marrying: will Alf come, and if he does will he steal anything, will Joe stay sober and what is Susan going to wear? Maybe that will be resolved today, as she and Clarrie hit the shops with Neil’s authorisation, not to worry about the cost, ringing in her ears.
  • Predictably, she finds something among the new stock (i.e. not in the sale) but it’s really classy. As they head for the coffee shop Clarrie explains about Edward. What a shame for Clarrie, for William and for Emma too – she is fond of Ed.
  • Sooner or later, Ed had to tell William of his decision. He takes it badly and they part on hostile terms.
  • Neil is pleased that Susan has found something she likes and she does look beautiful in it; she deserves it. He receives the news about Ed with undisguised joy – one less thing to worry about. Susan is begins to turn her mind to extra sausage packing work, to fill in for Ed; she has already turned Tom down once but with an expensive shopping habit to support …
  • Will feels the need to see Emma. It has been a long week without her and he needs a hug. When he imparts the news about Ed not being at the wedding this has a stunning effect on Emma; she doesn’t seem to be listening to him any more.

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