Ed gets going. William acquires a new best man – Roy.

Radio Times: Emma hears some home truths.

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  • A worried Clarrie calls round to see Emma while Will’s at work. She’s upset about Ed’s going to Hungary, and wonders if Emma knows any more than she does. He’s not telling his parents much, and has been acting oddly. Clarrie thinks it’s just brotherly rivalry. A tense Emma doesn’t offer much help, and as soon as Clarrie leaves, she’s on the phone to Ed. She’s got to see him before he goes.
  • Eddie and Will discuss Ed’s behaviour. Eddie wonders how he’ll manage without Ed in the gardening business; Will wonders what he’s going to do about a Best man. Eddie tries to pour oil on troubled waters – he doesn’t want them to be like him and Alf. Will is less than sympathetic.
  • Will asks Roy to be his new Best Man. Emma seems less than overjoyed when she hears the news, but Roy’s delighted, and can’t wait to organise the stag night. Will wants something quiet; Roy has rather more ambitious ideas. What about Prague, he says.
  • Ed can’t understand Emma when she says she came to say thank you. He tells her how much he loves her, but when she says you can love two people at the same time, Ed loses his temper. He says he’s going to Hungary because he can’t bear to see her make the safe choice and marry Will.
  • Clarrie and Eddie take Ed to the airport. Clarrie is tearful; Eddie hands over £100 for emergencies, but Ed’s sure he’s made the right decision.

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