Bad news for Ruth as Usha reveals that she and Ashok might settle far from Ambridge.

Radio Times: Usha faces a big decision

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  • Bert’s feeling a bit sidelined by Sam, and Sam’s attempt at a joke about the grazing falls rather flat. When he gets to the Bull for a drink, Sam tries chatting Kirsty up, but is put firmly in his place.
  • Pat makes a delivery to the shop and talks to Kirsty about Helen’s eating disorder. Kirsty can’t offer much help; Helen won’t confide in her, either, but Kirsty thinks it’s Helen’s way of punishing herself. She thinks Helen needs shaking up; she needs to know how upset she’s making Pat. Pat’s not so sure. She’s afraid she might drive Helen even further away.
  • At the Salsa dancing, Gloria takes a real fancy to David, and insists on dancing with him all evening, scaring him rigid. She even follows them to the bar where they’re having a quiet post-class drink. But it gives Usha a chance to tell Ruth the latest news. Ashok wants them to live in Canada, or even India when they’re married. Ruth is horrified. What would she do without Usha?

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